The Independent State Store Union has operated continuously since 1947 representing only state store employees.  Today, we represent the first-level supervisors in the state run alcohol retail stores across the commonwealth.

The Union was organized in the name of the Independent Association of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Employees. On November 11, 1947, state store workers, mostly from York, Adams and Lancaster, gathered in Harrisburg and joined with workers from the western counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland & Cambria.  Organizing continued non-stop until July 1949 when virtually all areas of the state were organized and individual chapters were formed.

With the passage of Act 195 on May 14, 1971, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board issued an order of certification certifying IAPLCBE to be the exclusive representative of first-level supervisory managers working in Pennsylvania state stores.  On October 13, 1979, the Union amended its certification by changing its name to the Independent State Store Union.

ISSU remains the oldest Commonwealth union to continuously represent state workers.  As an employee union, members of our Executive Board include state store managers who volunteer their time serving the union.  Our principal officers are democratically elected and work in the stores themselves.